Monday, 16 September 2013

Happy Shoes!

Some beautiful shoes designed by the lovely Velvette. Vel has autism and finds it extremely difficult when it comes to communication. She has no trouble expressing her thoughts and feelings on paper and any other crafty activity though. Vel has drawn every day since a tiny tot and never stops amazing us with her talent. Vel was two and we visited the zoo. When we came back we asked if she'd liked it, Vel never said a word but drew a wonderful lion with a big happy face- who needs words!

Introducing Beryl

At last, some pics of Beryl! She has proved to be a real hit with Vel who takes her everywhere. 

Big and Small

Hi, haven't posted for ages due to Vels going back to school and family holiday in the lakes which was lush.
Basically having too much fun!
One thing we got up to in the summer hols was making some clay figures. Vel really wanted to make some Big and Small ones, as she LOVES em. Can't blame her they are the best thing on kids tv!
We made these on a sunny afternoon, Vel did the Big to the right all on her little own- isn't she a clever bunny!