Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Uninvited Guest

Here is a poem, I wrote this week titled The Uninvited Guest.

Hello my friend, I shouldn't stop,
But do come right in.
Tea, coffee, marsh mellows?
I'll open up the biscuit tin.

We do deserve a little treat,
Perhaps some lemon cake?
Yes, slaving, cleaning... cooking,
About time I took a break!

Excuse the mess,
Our house is a state.
Yes, of course undo the wrapper,
Go ahead fill up your plate!

It's a puzzle why,
This place is a pickle.
And someone's shrinking all my clothes,
Or the washing machine's got fickle.

We must have a pixie,
A cheeky monkey, or two.
Maybe our little Sally,
Got one from the zoo?

It pinches socks and slippers,
Chocolate, and wine's disappearing.
It creates all the dust,
Weaves cobwebs on the ceiling!

Crisps and pies go missing,
Which is rather rude.
It must be sneaking to the fridge,
And gobbling down our food.

These days I've no time to chat 
Or text upon my phone.
Rushing here and there, all day!
Work my fingers to the bone!

Always trying to tidy up,
Behind that little pest.
The only explanation is...
An uninvited guest!

Wow, you've got one too!
Well, who'd have known!
 We don't enjoy sitting here,
Always on the moan.

Have some more, sticky lemon...
Oh for goodness sake!
It's up to it's old tricks again!
And eaten all the cake!