Thursday, 2 June 2016

The story of Emerald or Emie the cat is almost there. As with most of the stories I write, the first draft is nearly always the best. Of course it's always good to change some things, add to it, or take something out but on the whole my best stories seem to be made when I least expect it. I think my nerves kick in too much and I end up questioning the whole thing.. just like Emie.

That certainly doesn't apply to my illustration though. With that I find that the more I change a character the better it becomes. As I'm trying out more watercolour at the moment I've decided to try some full colour double page spreads in it. 'A Wild Wash Day' above was initially done in pastel but looking back at my sketches again, I'm going to give it a go in watercolour.

 And lastly, I've been working on a new chapter book called 'The Smile Club' and it's making me smile writing it. These are a couple of the characters, well how they look for the time being anyway!

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